TCL TAC-18CSA/KEI 2.0 HP Split Type Air Conditioner

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Faster Cooling

A high frequency compressor ensures more rapid comfort – air is delivered down to 18℃ within just 30 seconds, or up to 40℃ within just 60 seconds. Turn on, tailor your temperature, and enjoy quicker refreshment.

3D Air Flow

An innovative air conditioning system ensures cool air is directed upwards, for a wide reaching, ‘shower-style’ refreshment. Warm air is blown downwards, to deliver a more immersive ‘blanket-style’ air flow. Air is distributed more evenly – avoiding hot and stuffy, or extreme cold distribution.

Power Cut Auto Restart

TCL’s software ensures current air-con settings are memorized. In the event of sudden power loss, the aircon routine will resume as intended once power is re-established.

Self Cleaning Mode

Any interior dust and impurities are deeply cooled. Afterwards, 55℃ heat rapidly dries, sterilizes, and removes from the mechanics – for better hygiene and fresher air. 10 hrs Automatic Power Off

Titan Gold Technology

TCL air conditioners are equipped with 3rd Generation TitanGold-plated aluminum fins that perform a self-cleaning function through their unique hydrophilic properties.

5-in-1 Health Filters

TCL TitanGold Air Conditioners are packed with 5-in-1 Health Filters, providing safe and healthy breathable indoor air.

5D DC Inverter

Smart, Stable, Energy-saving. TCL selects high-quality 5D DC accessories - compressor, brushless outdoor motor, indoor motor, 500P electronic expansion valve, indoor DC stepper motor - to build up its unique 5D DC inverter air conditioners.

Basic Information

Model  TAC-18CSA/KEI

Country  Philippines

AC Information

Products  Split Wall-mounted

Product Type  Inverter Cooling Only

Refrigerant  R32

Power Supply  220V~ 60Hz

Climates  T1

Cooling Capacity  17197 (3600-18720)

Power consumption (Cooling)  1682(250~2500)

Indoor Net Weight  10kg

Indoor Gross Weight  13kg

Outdoor Net Weight  30kg

Outdoor Gross Weight  34kg

Energy Class  10.2

Indoor Noise Level  44/36/33

Outdoor Noise Level  52

Indoor Unit Size (W*D*H)  910x292x205

Outdoor Unit Size (W*D*H)  760x552x256

Application area  20sqm-35sqm

Outdoor Box Dimension  863x600x325

Indoor Box Dimension  977x367x276

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